Vibration Therapy : Cutting Edge Preventive Medicine

Pain-free, low effort exercise that will benefit your entire body

Some common problems of a modern lifestyle

Body Aches & Pains
Moving around for the elderly
Hard to lose weight
Finding time to exercise

A painless, easy solution

Harmonic Vibration

The easiest and most effective exercise in the world.
Using advanced technology based in sports and medical science, our Whole Body Vertical Vibration machines can:

  • Enhance joint and muscle movement
  • Increase balance and coordination
  • Ease lower back pain
  • Lower blood sugar and prevent diabetes
  • Reduce falls
  • Improve cardiovascular function
  • Decrease body fat
  • Increase bone density
  • Prevent osteoporosis


And much, much more

Whole Body Vertical Vibration

Passive Exercise, Complete Benefits

Our unique patent uses advanced sports technology to simulate the up & down movement of rigourous exercises like running, climbing stairs or jump rope, without any of the impact and painful side effects.

With high efficiency body cell stimulation, but with the safety of standing still, Bodygreen technology will boost metabolism for fat loss and muscle building.

Enjoy the benefits of exercise without the effort or pain.

How It Works


Burn Fat, Enhance Strength, Improve Coordination

Our vibration technology allows you to reap the healthy outcome of gravity-based exercises, without any risk of pain or injury. Simply stand on the Bodygreen machine, and let the vibration flow through your body. After a few minutes you will be able to feel your muscles working.

It Feels Like Magic!

Vertical Vibration

Intensity =

Vertical Climbing

Rope Exercise


Vibration technology is effective in dealing with the following :

Improve blood circulation, Relax muscles
Balanced blood pressure
Safe exercise for the elderly
Sports injury & therapy
Body aches & discomfort
Stress & Anxiety
Weight loss
Difficulty in sleeping

Do Those Issues Sound Familiar For You Or A Loved One?

If so, get in touch with us today for a demonstration of our therapy machines!

Hear from Doctors Worldwide


Download our guide on the simple usage and benefits

Bodygreen-U3-usage-benefits.PDF (2.5MB)


Try Body Vibration for yourself, and feel the results

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